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Rhudy Phillips learned character at a very early age. His humble beginnings in southern Virginia on the family farm became a keystone of his work ethic. I believe one of the values that attributed to his success was the ability to achieve daily goals, as there were many working on a farm. Working weekends at my grandfather's country store helped teach him how to treat customers with honesty, integrity and respect. In those days life was very simple and your word meant everything. If Rhudy made you a promise you could count on it. Rhudy enlisted in the United States Army at the age of 17 years old as a medic. It was there he gained his appreciation for our military. Rhudy understood the risks and sacrifices our soldiers make every day. Following the Army, Rhudy went to college and opened his own accounting practice. Rhudy loved working with numbers, but one thing I think was missing in that was interaction with the public. As his son, I will tell you that he loved people more than life itself. I remember as a young man the humble beginnings of Rhudy's Jewelry Showroom. My dad's thought process was simple. Jewelry is memories. Jewelry is that special gift that says “I love you". Jewelry is that gift that says "thank you”. Jewelry is that special birthday or anniversary gift. Jewelry is that gift that makes you remember a friend or a loved one past or present. Rhudy wanted to provide these special gifts at a discount. Being only about nine years old, I remember how it all started. Rhudy began selling gold chains, rings, charms, and bracelets out of cigar boxes. A few boxes turned into a few more and so on over time. I remember customers getting escorted to the back room and making their purchases. At that time in the late seventies, Rhudy's Jewelry was by invitation only and was not publicly advertised. Only Rhudy's past customers and their friends knew about our special little blue colored jewelry showroom. I can tell you from my memory that Rhudy's Jewelry Showroom had very humble beginnings, as did Rhudy's life. Rhudy was a guy you could trust and everyone seemed to know him everywhere we went. Honesty and integrity became his standard. After about three years in that small blue colored back room I remember the Christmas of 1981. You couldn't move in that room that Christmas season. I remember it being so busy that he had to have food catered every day that month of December so the jewelry associates could eat. Somewhere around 1983 Rhudy's Jewelry moved out of the blue room to where it is still today. In the years that followed, Rhudy's Jewelry Showroom flourished. People came from all over the country shop with him. Even after achieving success Rhudy never lost sight of those humble beginnings. Today, Rhudy's Jewelry Showroom continues the legacy of Rhudy Phillips with many long term employees of over ten years. It is my pledge to you that Rhudy's Jewelry Showroom will continue to provide the honesty, integrity, and respect that you deserve.

Sincerely, Rhudy C. Phillips



Meet the Jewelry Showroom Staff


General Manager
910-488-7571 ext. 105


Assistant Manager
910-488-7571 ext. 104 


Purchasing Agent/Special Order Liaison
910-488-7571 ext. 124


Purchasing Agent/Repair Liaison 
910-488-7571 ext. 102


Shipping Liaison 
910-488-7571 ext. 108


Jewelry Sales Consultant 
910-488-7571 ext. 2


Jewelry Sales Consultant
910-488-7571 ext. 2


Jewelry Sales Consultant 
910-488-7571 ext.2


Meet The Repair Room Staff


Repair Shop Manager 
16 years of experience

Paul L.

Master Jeweler 
26 years of experience

Paul K.

Master Jeweler 
30 years of experience


Master Jeweler 
23 years of experience
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